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You can’t use blue!!!

I was told by several people a long time ago that there was some very firm rules about food photography and one of them was, never I repeat NEVER use blue or green backgrounds because it was really bad for the food.

It would set off the colours in a really negative way and should be avoided like the plague.
If there is one thing I have learnt is that the only rule is that there is no rules. I remember that I did read in a book about typography is that you should learn all the rules and then brake them and that is a method I have always felt comfortable with.
In Reykjavik there is a Restaurant and Hotel/hostel called Bazaar Oddsson that I have done some work with and the dominant color there is a lavender blue in the interior and the furniture.
The client really wanted to use the colour as a theme so why not break the rules and I hope you like the colours.

There is another rule broken here and that is to never use ring flash to shoot food, In the right circumstances it is really nice ;-).

Oddsson Bazaar

Oddsson Bazaar

Oddsson Bazaar

Oddsson Bazaar

Oddsson Bazaar

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White Guide Nordic likes Dill

The White Guide Nordic has just released their top restaurants in the Nordic countries.

Dill is for the second year in the top seat and here are some images that I did for White Guide of chef Ragnar Eiriksson and the food of Dill.

Later I will publish some more images that I have done of some of the other top restaurants in Iceland.









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Evas (very) sweet cakes

Well sometimes it takes a long time between postings but that usually means that I am busy with other things.

Some years ago I worked with a food magazine in Iceland called Gestgjafinn and they had guest chefs coming in and doing editorials for the magazine.
One of these was a nice and soft-spoken women called Eva Laufey and I was so happy that she wanted to work with me for this great new project, Eva´s Cake Joy (my very poor translation).
This is Eva´s second book and my third cookbook and I am very pleased with the outcome.
Some information about Eva is that from being a really enthusiastic food blogger she has become one of the biggest TV chefs in Iceland (she is still blogging, although I have no idea how she finds the time).
And I have to say that working with Eva is one of the best experiences I have had for a long time, Eva is such a gentle person and 1000% professional that it is a pure joy to work with her.
You could easily underestimate Eva at first being such a gentle and (very) calm character she is but she backs that up with a very strong opinion and great and well developed ideas without having to to prove her self to other people.
What I am trying to say is that working with Eva is so fun and easy that it was more like chilling and drinking coffee with friends rather then working in a hot kitchen and trying to create pretty images.
And lastly I must add that tasting the cakes after the shoots did not make things worse ;-).
I am posting a few favourite images from the book but you will have to buy the book to get the recipes.



Eva Laufey

Eva Laufey

Eva Laufey

Eva Laufey

Eva Laufey

Eva Laufey

Eva Laufey

Eva Laufey


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The Grill or as written in Icelandic: Grillið

Just finished some images for one of the oldest and most renowned fine dining restaurants in Iceland.

I could not resist dropping in two quick behind the scenes images from the work at Grillið plus some of the items from the new menu.

You can find out more on this link

Front 1 page 1 page 2

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A Viktor in Budapest

The Bocuse d´Or competition is basically the World Championships in fine dining cooking and I have had the privilege to photograph the Icelandic contender now for three times, I can only hope that this time it is three times lucky and I hope Viktor Örn Andrésson will end up on the podium. Here are some of the images that I did for him.

Bocuse D´or

booklet 1

booklet 2 booklet 3 booklet 4

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Marz is traveling


Stereotypes of fishery, specifically in Iceland will probably involve silent macho men going about their business and slicing up fish wearing orange rainwear but Marz Seafood is something as refreshing as an all female company that is run by silent women slicing up fish wearing orange rainwear 😉 .

No I am only joking about the macho and rainwear but it is an all women company and I recently did shoot some marketing material for them and they are soooo nice to work with, that is in no way a reflection on the gender but only a reflection on how very nice people they are and it was a joy co-operating with them and their enthusiasm for what is maybe not stereotypical images of fish and I was really pleased with the results.
Here are some more images of how they used the images on a exhibition and in their marketing material.







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Gisli is traveling again

Menu 4

The Icelandic chef Gísli Matthías Auðunsson (Slippurinn and Matur og Drykkur) is again taking his food outside of Iceland. This time it is London that gets to sample the cooking of the north.
He is running a popup in London at the Carousel  for two weeks and is an event that should not be missed.

We shoot some images just before he left for him to have some images to show the dinners what to be expected and I am really a big fan of the combination of the rough and at the same time exquisite compositions both in flavour and looks that Gisli works with.
If you are a fan of nordic cooking or not, this is an flavour explosion you should not miss out on.

Here is a sample of the menu.
Dried Cod chips, caramilized whey butter and pickled seaweed.
Double smoked lamb with buttermilk and nutmeg.
Arctic char smoked in sheep’s dung, burnt flatbread, horseradish and roes ( yes you read that right, but it really tastes great 😉 ).
Lamb cured in arctic thyme with goat cheese and sunchokes.
Langoustine with seatruffles, dill and capelin roes
Cod head braised in chicken stock, sugarkelp and honey.
Lovage potato salat.
Skyr, oats and sorrel.
Kleina and caramilized whey custard

Menu 3

Menu 2

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Editorial in Gourmet


The chefs and restaurants of Reykjavik is getting an increasing reputation both nationally and internationally and the magazine Gourmet decided to write about some of the golden nuggets you can find around town today and I had the pleasure to photograph it all. Swedish Gourmet  in in my opinion one of the best looking food magazines in the world and it is a pleasure to work with them.





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An Icelander in Texas


The Icelandic chef Gísli Matthías Auðunsson of Matur og Drykkur and Slippurinn is going west.

He is one of the nordic chefs that will cook with Magnus Nilsson of Fäviken at the promotional tour to US for his new The Nordic Cookbook by Phaidon.
I have had the pleasure of working with Gísli on a number of occasions and we decided to photograph some of the food he will be doing in US.
Gísli is a nerd in all the most positive meanings of the word, he can not stop thinking about food and are constantly sharpening his skills and palate.
The food he cooks is a very down to earth cooking but with a quality and ambition that is inspiring. Besides the fact that it is also very photogenic that makes my life as a photographer very easy.

Here is a bit more information about the tour from Dinner Lab.

Heads-64Lambs head with flavoured and fermented milk served with vegetables and pancakes.

Heads-89Halibut soup with mussels and pickled apples.

Heads-145Dried fish served with whey butter and pickled seaweed.

Heads-189Skyr dessert served with sorrel granite served with oat crumble and angelica meringue.

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Recent work

When you are busy you sometimes forget to show what you have been up to lately.

So I decided to post a few images that are from a bunch of different assignments that I have done recently to show my work.
I hope you like them.

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