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Sandholt Bakery


I have for some time worked with the baker Asgeir Sandholt in Iceland and done both advertising and material among others for the up and coming new website

Asgeir has embraced the whole idea of artisan baking and has for many years produced a range of wild yeast breads that are second to none.

We have tried to portray the staff and the atmosphere in the bakery for showing people that this level of breads and patisserie is only achievable with a massive effort of work, talent and persistence.

This is only some of the people that you might never see since many are working behind the scene but it has been a joy to photograph them and I hope to continue to do many more images there.

Sandholt-web-84 Sandholt-Starfs-12 Sandholt-Starfs-86 Sandholt-Starfs-305 Sandholt-Starfs-338 150721-Sandholt-03 150722-Sandholt-163 150722-Sandholt-184

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Wow Air Magazine and chef Hrefna Saetran


I was recently interviewed by the inflight magazine for the Icelandic Air Carrier WOW Air since they where doing a food issue and at the same time they asked me if I wanted to photograph the subject of the cover interview, the Icelandic chef Hrefna Saetran.
She is a very successful and talented chef running two of the most popular (and highest rated) restaurants in Reykjavik the Fish Market and the Grill Market.

Unusually I did not photograph any food, only portraits of her and her staff and since I am a sucker for classics and it is not that often you get that many chefs and restaurant staff in a room sitting down at the same time so I just had to do a Last Supper set up.
Here is also the link for the online version of the magazine and since I can not link to specific pages my interview is on page 31 and the interview with Hrefna is on page 41. WOW Air Magazine Online.

Here are some more images from the interview.
Hrefna-S-252 Hrefna-S-181xHrefna-S-202_ppxAnd this is how the cover came out, yes as you might have guessed she has recently taken up fly fishing, 🙂

WOW cover


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Chocolate and strawberries in Catalonia

Barca 201506-308

I came back from Barcelona the other day and had a fantastic time with friends and family.

Our friends there is running a small bakery with a great product, Manoli and her partner David (plus all the fantastic family members) is running the bakery Milola in Mataro just outside of Barcelona and they do a ridiculously good product.
After tasting most of their cakes I was completely gob-smacked over how the can achieve these flavours without using gluten, refined sugers and also working without dairy and even egg in some cases. I have no idea how they do it but I am happy to say we managed to sneak in a little shoot for a Catalan newspaper Ara of some very good chocolate and strawberries cake and we managed to persuade (and that was not very difficult) the children to be hand models and I tell you it was very difficult to stop them licking their fingers all the time.

Thank you Manoli and David and all the rest of their families who gave us a fantastic time and a beautiful friendship.




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Great news

Food Photographers
I was recently listed by Creative Drum as one of (11) top food photographers  of 2014 (in the world).
I can only say that I am very pleased.

When working as a creative in a commercial area it is always difficult to appreciate your own work, if your clients keeps calling and paying the invoices it usually means you a are doing ok. Your mother and family will always say you are doing great but when you sometimes have your head in the day to day grind it is difficult  sometimes to know you are developing and going the right way in your work. Then sometimes you get a kick in the back ( in a positive way) and you get encouragement and appreciation from someone who is not mum and not have a wested interest in your work and that is just so nice.
The fact that when I had the email from them and they asked to get some images and comments from me about my work I originally thought it to be some form of spam and they would end up saying that I needed to send some money to get my inheritance from a long dead relative.

That was not the case and instead I am very grateful and it really is an ego boost to get appreciation from strangers.

Please have a look at this link and I might add that there are some other VERY good photographers there except me 😉

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Well the site is online.

A little bit of late night work has hopefully ended up with a website that will be enjoyed by you the amazing people who for some reason found heir way to this.

Please feel welcome and I will try to add some useful stuff here in the heard future.

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