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You can’t use blue!!!

I was told by several people a long time ago that there was some very firm rules about food photography and one of them was, never I repeat NEVER use blue or green backgrounds because it was really bad for the food.

It would set off the colours in a really negative way and should be avoided like the plague.
If there is one thing I have learnt is that the only rule is that there is no rules. I remember that I did read in a book about typography is that you should learn all the rules and then brake them and that is a method I have always felt comfortable with.
In Reykjavik there is a Restaurant and Hotel/hostel called Bazaar Oddsson that I have done some work with and the dominant color there is a lavender blue in the interior and the furniture.
The client really wanted to use the colour as a theme so why not break the rules and I hope you like the colours.

There is another rule broken here and that is to never use ring flash to shoot food, In the right circumstances it is really nice ;-).

Oddsson Bazaar

Oddsson Bazaar

Oddsson Bazaar

Oddsson Bazaar

Oddsson Bazaar

Recent work

When you are busy you sometimes forget to show what you have been up to lately.

So I decided to post a few images that are from a bunch of different assignments that I have done recently to show my work.
I hope you like them.

Great news

Food Photographers
I was recently listed by Creative Drum as one of (11) top food photographers  of 2014 (in the world).
I can only say that I am very pleased.

When working as a creative in a commercial area it is always difficult to appreciate your own work, if your clients keeps calling and paying the invoices it usually means you a are doing ok. Your mother and family will always say you are doing great but when you sometimes have your head in the day to day grind it is difficult  sometimes to know you are developing and going the right way in your work. Then sometimes you get a kick in the back ( in a positive way) and you get encouragement and appreciation from someone who is not mum and not have a wested interest in your work and that is just so nice.
The fact that when I had the email from them and they asked to get some images and comments from me about my work I originally thought it to be some form of spam and they would end up saying that I needed to send some money to get my inheritance from a long dead relative.

That was not the case and instead I am very grateful and it really is an ego boost to get appreciation from strangers.

Please have a look at this link and I might add that there are some other VERY good photographers there except me 😉

Well the site is online.

A little bit of late night work has hopefully ended up with a website that will be enjoyed by you the amazing people who for some reason found heir way to this.

Please feel welcome and I will try to add some useful stuff here in the heard future.