Chocolate and strawberries in Catalonia

Barca 201506-308

I came back from Barcelona the other day and had a fantastic time with friends and family.

Our friends there is running a small bakery with a great product, Manoli and her partner David (plus all the fantastic family members) is running the bakery Milola in Mataro just outside of Barcelona and they do a ridiculously good product.
After tasting most of their cakes I was completely gob-smacked over how the can achieve these flavours without using gluten, refined sugers and also working without dairy and even egg in some cases. I have no idea how they do it but I am happy to say we managed to sneak in a little shoot for a Catalan newspaper Ara of some very good chocolate and strawberries cake and we managed to persuade (and that was not very difficult) the children to be hand models and I tell you it was very difficult to stop them licking their fingers all the time.

Thank you Manoli and David and all the rest of their families who gave us a fantastic time and a beautiful friendship.




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