Sandholt Bakery


I have for some time worked with the baker Asgeir Sandholt in Iceland and done both advertising and material among others for the up and coming new website

Asgeir has embraced the whole idea of artisan baking and has for many years produced a range of wild yeast breads that are second to none.

We have tried to portray the staff and the atmosphere in the bakery for showing people that this level of breads and patisserie is only achievable with a massive effort of work, talent and persistence.

This is only some of the people that you might never see since many are working behind the scene but it has been a joy to photograph them and I hope to continue to do many more images there.

Sandholt-web-84 Sandholt-Starfs-12 Sandholt-Starfs-86 Sandholt-Starfs-305 Sandholt-Starfs-338 150721-Sandholt-03 150722-Sandholt-163 150722-Sandholt-184

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  1. GORDON 2016-05-27 at 13:41 #

    What an awesome, multi-talented bakery. Those macarons look so pretty all marbled like that. What’s with those enormous singular backed goods though!?

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