I started my life on the maternity ward on Salgrenska Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden.
I went out about half an hour later ready to conquer the world.
Unnecessary to say I did not have any lasting impact on the world as a conquerer
but I might just pick up that profession again at some stage.
On my way to world domination I picked up a camera and that distracted me greatly from my chosen path.
As an aspiring photographer I went from delusion to confusion and thoroughly
enjoyed this path taking me from Sweden to some years in England and also its capital London.
The love of my life dragged me kicking and screaming to Iceland where I immediately
misunderstood everything when someone talked to me and confused my audience
even more when I attempted to talk back to them.
Greatly believing that images said a lot more then words in a nation of bibliophiles
I continued fiddling with my cameras and attempting to bring home the bacon by photographing ham.
After more then 15 years in fighting the elves and eating dried fish I am still confused
and delusional but I am still photographing ham and other things that ends up in front of my camera.